Wilshore Electric opened for business in 2000 when Jon Stensberg and Tom Burdin joined forces to provide Chicago and the collar counties with top quality electricians for projects of all sizes.

Jon Stensberg grew up and has worked all his life on Chicago’s North Shore. While studying to be an accountant Jon took a job working for a friend’s father who was an electrician. Although Jon was hired to work in the accounting department, he ventured into the field to learn more about the inner workings of the business. As he became more involved with the practical side of the business it quickly became apparent that Jon had a keen understanding and gift for electrical work. He changed course and began his apprenticeship under the guidance of his friend’s father, and has never looked back. Nearly 25 years later Jon is still plying his trade with the same enthusiasm and talent.

Tom Burdin, a native of Chicago’s Roger’s Park, became a skilled electrician at the age of 19 with a degree from Coyne American Institute. Tom’s interest in electrical contracting began while in high school. After graduation, Tom worked for more than 10 years honing his skills before crossing paths with Jon. Tom and Jon recognized in each other the desire to produce high quality work and give a high level of customer service. They worked together for 6 years building on their skills and their friendship at a Wilmette based company before moving on to another company together

It was while they were at this second company together that they both became dissatisfied with the daily operations and thought together they could create a better business model for themselves and the consumer.  So they laid out what was to become their guiding principles and opened Wilshore Electric in 2000.


Guiding Principles

◊ High quality workmanship   ◊ Superior Customer Service   ◊ Affordability

                       ◊ Low overhead      ◊ No excess inventory


“Our customers are our most valuable asset”

            -Jon Stensberg, owner

“An honest day’s work and providing the client with what they need is important to me.”

-Tom Burdin, Owner